Gustaf Lindgren

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Gustaf Lindgren

Gustaf Axel Herman Lindgren (4 November 1863 in Stockholm – 22 August 1930) was a Swedish architect, father to architect Gustaf Birch-Lindgren. Lindgren studied at the Royal Institute of Technology 1881-85 and at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts 1885-87 and went on a study trip to Germany, Italy and France 1888-90. He was hired in 1887 by Överintendentsämbetet, an agency administrating governmental buildings, held the position of hovintendent from 1899 and from 1905 he was teacher in the subject of history of building art at the Royal Institute of Technology.

The list below shows some of his most public works, but he also made villas in Djursholm, Saltsjöbaden, Sala and Gävle. He was also an author and contributed the second edition of the Swedish encyclopedia Nordisk familjebok.

Some houses he created[edit]

Stora Bryggeriet i Stockholm
Anstalten Malmö Kirseberg
Villa Skärtofta i Saltsjöbaden, 1895-97