Guttersrud Station

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Guttersrud holdeplass.JPG
Location FetsundFet
Coordinates 59°57′54″N 11°12′00″E / 59.96500°N 11.20000°E / 59.96500; 11.20000Coordinates: 59°57′54″N 11°12′00″E / 59.96500°N 11.20000°E / 59.96500; 11.20000
Operated by Norwegian State Railways
Line(s) Kongsvinger Line
Distance 34.19 km (21.24 mi)
Platforms 1
Opened 1932

Guttersrud Station (Norwegian: Guttersrud holdeplass) is a railway station located in Fetsund in Fet, Norway on the Kongsvinger Line. The station was built in 1932. The station is served hourly, with extra rush hour departures, by the Oslo Commuter Rail line 460 operated by Norwegian State Railways.

30. jul. 2012 - Guttersrud has been closed for several years. This is due to the construction of the new station at Roven. After building a new station at Roven, Guttersrud would be located between to signals in a way not allowed according to regulations. Many attempts from locals failed to save the station. Passengers are requested to use Sørumsand or Svingen.

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Svingen Kongsvinger Line Sørumsand
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Svingen L14 AskerOslo SKongsvinger   Sørumsand