Guy Savelli

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Guy Savelli
Born United States
Style Shotokan
T'ai chi
Kun Tao
Goshin Jitsu Kyo Jujo

Guy Savelli is a martial artist, teacher, and psychic. He teaches the spiritual and mental aspects of martial arts, especially Kuntao.

In a 2004 interview with BBC journalist Jon Ronson, Savelli claimed the ability to kill goats and hamsters with the force of his thoughts,[1] however science writer Michael Shermer found no evidence to support Savelli's claims.[2]

In 1983, Savelli was recruited by Col. John B. Alexander to train U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers in his techniques at Fort Bragg; his experiences are also detailed in Ronson's 2004 book The Men Who Stare at Goats.[3] Among the lethal techniques in which Savelli is said to be proficient is the fabled Dim Mak, or "Touch of Death".

Savelli has been a research subject at Duke University, the Psychical Research Institute, and the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio, Texas. Results of his work have been published in Research in Parapsychology,[4] the Journal of Parapsychology,[5] as well as by the Parapsychology Department of JFK University. Savelli has also authored an introductory text on the Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Teachings of Chinese Kung-Fu.


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