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Gylan Kain is an American poet and playwright. He was a founding member, in 1968, of the Original Last Poets (with Felipe Luciano and David Nelson). He is known for his particularly aggressive spoken word delivery, and often performs with hand drums or other backing musicians. One of his performances was sampled into the club hit Voodoo People by The Prodigy.

He has done multimedia collaborations with the percussionist Z'EV and has appeared with the Dutch jazz/hip-hop/fusion group Electric Barbarian since 2003, appearing on their 2004 album él.[1] He is also the subject of several documentary films. His name is sometimes given as simply KAIN or Kain.


  • 1970 - KAIN: The Blue Guerrilla.
  • 2004 - Electric Barbarian: él.


  • 1971 - Right On!: Poetry on Film (Original Last Poets). Directed by Herbert Danska.
  • 1990 - Wings of Fame. Directed by Otakar Votocek.

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