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IndustrySmall Arms manufacturing
FounderJohann Ulrich Hämmerli
Defunct2006 Edit this on Wikidata
ProductsCompetition firearms
ParentCarl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen
WebsiteHämmerli Official Site

Hämmerli is a Swiss manufacturer of firearms aimed mostly at sport shooting, especially Olympic events governed by the International Shooting Sport Federation.

In 2006, Hämmerli was taken over by Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen and they have licensed the Hämmerli brand to Umarex USA.


The Hämmerli brand dates back to 1863 when Johann Ulrich Hämmerli founded the company to make rifle barrels for the Swiss Army. From then on, Hämmerli was a manufacturer of rifle barrels, firearms, and firearm components. In 1950, Hämmerli produced Olympic rifles that were used to win gold medals at the next four Olympics.


Standard and Centre-fire pistols[edit]

These pistols are used in 25 m Standard Pistol, 25 m Center-Fire Pistol (center-fire pistol) and 25 m Pistol (sport pistol) events.

Free pistol[edit]

Air pistol[edit]


300 m rifle[edit]

Air rifle[edit]

  • AR20, .177 caliber pre-charged-pneumatic (PCP) Air rifle used to compete in 10 m Air Rifle events.

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