Håkan Johansson

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Håkan Johansson
Birth name Håkan Chris Johansson
Born (1975-12-04)4 December 1975
Vänersborg, Sweden
Occupation(s) Musician, designer, disc golfer
Labels Burning Heart Records, Carcrash Records, Lovitt Records, Lujo Records

Born December 4, 1975 in Vänersborg, Sweden, Håkan Johansson is the drummer for Division Of Laura Lee and Frantic Mantis and drummed for the post-punk band Uncle. He is also the founder of Carcrash Records (Est. 1996), releasing such artists as: C.AARMÉ, Dialog Cet, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Frodus and more.

He currently lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, and besides being a musician he works as a Graphic Designer for Passkontroll Design Kollektiv and frequently competes in Disc Golf tournaments.


  • 1995: Start Today "The End" Seveninch (NLB Records)
  • 1996: Uncle "Abc for fuzzy little kidz" Seveninch (Carcrash Records)
  • 1996: Uncle "s/t" Seveninch (Masshysteria Org)

With Division of Laura Lee[edit]

  • 1998: "There's a First Time For Everything" Seveninch (Dolt Records)
  • 1998: Milemarker Split Seveninch (Elephant Kids)
  • 1999: "At the Royal Club" CD (Arabesque Records)
  • 2001: "Pretty Electric" Cdep (Burning Heart Records)
  • 2002: "Black City" Compact Disc / 12" (Burning Heart Records)
  • 2002: "Need To Get Some" Cdep/Seveninch (Burning Heart Records)
  • 2002: "Black City" Cdep (Burning Heart Records)
  • 2003: "Trapped In" Cdep (Burning Heart Records)
  • 2004: "Das Not Compute" Compac Disc/12" Vinyl (Burning Heart Records)
  • 2005: "97-99" Compact Disc (Burning Heart Records)


  • 2006: Frantic Mantis "Data Is Not Information" Compact Disc (Lujo Records)


  • 1st place Acando Open Disc Golf Tournament (Amateur / 2006)

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