Hōshun Yamaguchi

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Hōshun Yamaguchi (山口蓬春, Yamaguchi Hōshun) (1893-1971) was a Japanese Nihonga painter and designer.

He received a commission to paint a piece for the new Tokyo Imperial Palace. The piece titled “Kaede (maples)” is a large painting measuring 2.74x2.5 metres. It is located on the cedar door of the east corridor of the Seiden hall.[1] Opposite of it on the other side is “Sakura (cherry)” by Meiji Hashimoto.

The preparatory drawing for the panel at a 4:1 scale dating to 1967 is in the Yamatane Museum of Art in Tokyo.[2]

The Yamaguchi Hōshun Memorial Hall exhibits many of his works.

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