Hồng Nhung

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Hồng Nhung
Hong Nhung at 'Tinh Ca'.jpg
Background information
Birth nameLê Hồng Nhung
Born (1970-03-15) March 15, 1970 (age 48)
OriginHanoi, Vietnam
GenresPop, Soul, World music, New-age music, Electronic

Lê Hồng Nhung (born March 15, 1970 in Hanoi) is a Vietnamese singer. She is a top-ranking singer of Vietnamese contemporary music and has great achievements in the successful innovation of Vietnamese music since the 1990s. Nhung is also known for her many performances of Trịnh Công Sơn's songs.[1] She is one of the four divas of Vietnam. Through music, she has brought great inspiration and musical creativity to later generations'singers, including Mỹ Tâm, Tùng Dương, Uyên Linh, Noo Phước Thịnh and Vũ Cát Tường.

She was famous since early ages as exposing impressive vocal which is clear, sophisticated and bright. She was partially influenced by Sinead O'Connor and Whitney Houston. She is also active in many campaigns such as being an ambassador for rhino and bear conservation awareness; participating in music shows against pedophiles, and other charity activities. Besides, she is also admired for her intelligence in both working ethnic and communication.

She has successfully performed many songs from famous songwriters like Van Cao, Duong Thu, Tran Tien, Phu Quang, Quoc Trung, Thanh Tung, Hong Dang, Tu Huy, Duy Thai, Tran Quang Loc, Bao Chan, Bao Phuc, Quoc Bao, Huy Tuan...yet the most successful was songs by songwriter-composer Trinh Cong Son - a legendary of Vietnam music industry as she has proven her name for the performance of his songs. She was also cherished by later songwriter Trinh Cong Son as he used to write many songs for her only, including: Bong Bong Oi, Bong Khong La Bong, Thuo Bong La Nguoi.


She was born in an intellectual family in Ha Noi with upbringing background. One of her grandfather is painter Le Van Ngoan, another grandfather is linguistic Doi Xuan Ninh; her father is translator Le Van Vien. She is related with male singer Bang Kieu (whom she calls "uncle")

Hồng Nhung was born on March 15, 1970 in Hanoi, deserted by her mother before she was a year old. As being the only child, her father firmly tried to win the custody. Ever since, she lived with father and grandparents and visited her mother in weekend. Her father has remarried with a woman named Mai (who is 10 year older than her)

When she was eleven, she sang her first song on Vietnam Radio. When Nhung was ten, she was admitted to the vocal class of the Hanoi Youth Culture House. She graduated from the English faculty of Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities.


When she was 10 years old, she registered an exam at Children Culture House of Hanoi and later became a member of Hoa Mi group.

When she was 11 years old, she recorded her first song Loi Chao Cua Em (written by Nghiem Ba Hong) at Voice of Vietnam Station and performed in Mang Non performance group of Ha Noi. The recorded was saved by her family up to now and they play it sometimes.

Later, she became representative for children of Ha Noi to perform oversea and was recognized by everyone at that time.

When she was 15 years old, she won golden medal of Nation's Professional Show in Hai Phong with the performance of Dieu Oi Cho Em Bay written by Nguyen Cuong. Then she met songwriter Duong Thu and led by him into singing career.

One year later, she met songwriter Quang Vinh and enrolled at Ballad Music Group and started professional singing career, she instantly became a sensation at that time.

In 1984, she represented Vietnam to participated in International Festival of Art in Libi

In 1987, she was chosen to attend Hanoi's Best Vocal contest while she was only in first year of Ha Noi's Art Institute and eventually won first prize for the performance of the song Nho Ve Ha Noi. This was the big turn of her career.

In September 1991, she won first prize of 2nd National Solo Ballad Song contest for the performance of the song Hay Den Voi Em (written by Duy Thai), Vi Sao Anh Khong Den (written by Tu Huy) and Nothing Compares To You (Sinead O'Connor)

She followed her dad to Ho Chi Min City when she was 20 years old, here she had a meet up with late songwriter Trinh Cong Son and they both had a nice friendship related to music as this was also the great turn of her music career, which greatly influenced her music style.

In 1988, she released first album Tieng Hat Hong Nhung and it has been reproduced many times. Later, she officially attended Ballad Performance Group and became one of the top ballad singers of Vietnam as she kept performing at many music shows and impressed lots of audiences.

In 1989, she performed at Ballad Festival in Berlin and 19th International Festival in North Korea.

Activities of 90's[edit]

In 1990, she had a chance to perform in Iraq.

In 1991, she performed in China and Singapore as well as in the process of recording album Sao Anh Khong Den including 5 Vietnamese songs and 4 foreign songs.

In 1992, she performed in Russia, Poland, Korea and China and met later songwriter Trinh Cong Son, later she started to sing his songs with impressive new and refreshing style.

In 1993, she joined Duyen Dang Viet Nam 1 show. The first Trinh Cong Son album tittle Bong Bong Oi made a new impact among music lovers, as this was the new chapter of her career later on.

In 1995, she released 4th album Chot Nghe Em Hat - as to be the first ever theme album included many songs from La Van Cuong and Tran Quang Loc. One of the songs Co Doi Khi was hit when it made to the top ten of Green Wave Music chart.

In 1997, she released music video Doa Hoa Vo Thuong. Alongside great music, the music video was scripted as a story with open ending. It was said to be a big leap at that time as all the music videos had no proper script. Most of singers only walked or stood at same spot in music videos. Doa Hoa Vo Thuong was worth to be one of the top ballad music video of all times in Vietnam

In 2002, she was the first Vietnamese singer to join annual International Asian Music Festival in Singapore alongside Tran Manh Tuan for the performance of the song Inh La Oi, Ngay Khong Mua, Ru Tinh, Ho Tren Nui. She also collaborated with songwriter Craig Armstrong for the record of soundtrack for the movie The Quiet American as well as a cameo in the movie.

In 2003, she was one of those who was chosen to perform the song "Vi Mot The Gioi Ngay Mai", SEAGAMES 22's official theme song which was operated in Ha Noi.

She also proved her talent and being famous among other artists. She was rated to be one of divas of Vietnam music industry, alongside Thanh Lam, My Linh, Tran Thu Ha.

Attaining skillful vocal technique and experience in performing, she was one of the coaches for singing contests like Vietnam Idol, Giong Hat Viet.

In 2011, she was the judge of the contest "Sang Bung Suc Song", this was reality show searching for a girl group.

In 2013, she was one of the coaches (alongside Quoc Trung, Dam Vinh Hung and My Linh) for The Voice Vietnam season 2.

In July 2014, she and other Vietnamese stars joined along with ENV for the campaign "I support wild animals conservation" with the theme "Act for Bears in Vietnam - Ending Bear Imprisonment" as an action to forbid hunting, trading and selling wild animals.

In September 2014, she went to South Africa in Sep 8th as an ambassador of Vietnam crew to figure out the massacre of rhino and the consequences of rhino horns consumption in Asian countries, Vietnam included.

In 2014 and 2015, she was the judge of the contest "Tuyet Dinh Tranh Tai" which was a contest for professional singers trying many different music genres.

In September 12th, 2015, she and Ha Anh Tuan were invited by Rhinos Foundation to attend Rhinos Conservation Program.

In November 16th 2016 in Ha Noi, she and Thanh Bui with comedian Xuan Bac had meet up with Prince William to talk about wild animals conservation, especially rhinos.

In May 30th 2017, she and Thu Minh, Doan Trang, Thao Trang, Tra My and Truong Quynh Anh participated in a community project of Trang Phap which is to raise awareness and search for solution to protect children from pedophile

2017: Pho a, Pho oi...[edit]

On December 16th 2017, she held a press conference to introduce her 11th studio album titled Pho a, Pho oi... in Ho Chi Minh City. There was the attendance of Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori and Vu Cat Tuong.


In May 6th 2018, she joined the show The Oriental Mood of Tran Manh Tuan and Nguyen Le at VOH Music One theater, Ho Chi Minh City. As being a guest, she performed the song Beo Dat May Troi. In May 26th 2018, she was invited to Prince Frederik's 50th birthday party at Palace Christiansborg, Denmark. In June 20th 2018, the Music Festival which was operated by The Ambassador of Italia Cecillia Piccioni, in the festival, she performed Voi Che Sepete (Mozart) and Nho Mua Thu Ha Noi (Trinh Cong Son) along with the pianist Dang Quang.

Personal life[edit]

Hồng Nhung's first marriage was with a Vietnamese man, but they separated shortly after. Her second husband is an American businessman named Kevin Gilmore. They became engaged at the end of June 2007 at Vũng Tàu, and got married on July 2011. In 2012, Nhung gave birth to a twin on the Easter's Eve in the United States. Nhung and Gilmore filed for divorced in June 2018. She is currently living in Ho Chi Minh City.