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Health, Education, Literacy Programme (H.E.L.P.) International is a charitable organisation registered in the United Kingdom, and operating in the UK and other countries.

Global activities[edit]

As of June 2004, H.E.L.P. International has projects in four countries:


In India, it operates as H.E.L.P. India, a registered Charity in India.

  • Full name: Health, Education, Literacy Programme (H.E.L.P.) Inda
  • Trustees and Directors:
    • Sudhir Sharma, Chair-person
    • Jyoti Ujagare
    • Vimal Sable
    • Niranjan Ujagare
    • Milind Jadhav
    • Prakash Shinde
    • Rupa Ujagare


In Zimbabwe, it operates as H.E.L.P. Zimbabwe, a registered Charity in Zimbabwe.

  • Full name: Health, Education, Literacy Programme (H.E.L.P.) Zimbabwe
  • H.E.L.P. Zimbabwe Trustees
    • Mr C Magaya
    • MR D Maturure
    • Mrs Hapazari

Looking after the welfare of orphaned children by ensuring their health and education and raising the literacy of all who live in their community. Also by introducing a higher level of self-sufficiency to the community through self-help projects that bring employment and skilles upgrade to the locale. The charity helps to place children with supported families and also has children's homes where other children are looked after by volunteer parents.


In Zambia, it operates as H.E.L.P. Zambia, a registered Charity in Zambia.

  • Full name: Health, Education, Literacy Programme (H.E.L.P.) Zambia
  • Trustees and Directors:
    • Mr C.J Fusani Chairperson
    • Mrs Banda Vice chairperson
    • Mr A Mkandawire Secretary
    • Mrs E Njoloma Vice Secretary
    • Mrs M.K Sikazwe Member
    • Mr J.S Moyo Treasurer
    • Mrs E Mkandawire Member
    • Mrs A.K Banda Member
    • Pastor L Njoloma Member

United Kingdom[edit]

In the United Kingdom, it operates as H.E.L.P International, a registered Charity in the UK.


H.E.L.P. International was founded in October 2003 as a merger of charities working in Zimbabwe and India from 1992.


Providing care for destitute or disadvantaged children through formal schooling and acquisition of necessary life skills.

Assisting adults with acquiring life skills that empower them to increase their self-sufficiency within their communities.


  • Malcolm Watson
  • Naomi Watson
  • Dalbir Masih
  • Asher C Mupasi
  • Grace Walsh

Registered Charity Number: 1100438.

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