H. Dieter Zeh

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H. Dieter Zeh
Born(1932-05-08)8 May 1932
Died15 April 2018(2018-04-15) (aged 85)
Scientific career
FieldsTheoretical physics
InstitutionsUniversity of Heidelberg

Heinz-Dieter Zeh (German: [tseː]; 8 May 1932 – 15 April 2018[1]), usually referred to as H. Dieter Zeh, was a professor (later professor emeritus) of the University of Heidelberg and theoretical physicist.


Zeh was one of the developers of the many-minds interpretation of quantum mechanics and the discoverer of decoherence, first described in his seminal 1970 paper.


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  • "On the interpretation of measurement in quantum theory", 1970, Foundations of Physics, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp. 69–76

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