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Harold Hamilton Burkitt was a British civil servant of the Indian civil service. Burkitt Road in the neighbourhooad of T. Nagar in Chennai is named after him.

Early life[edit]

Burkitt was born in the United Kingdom and educated at Galway Grammar School and Dublin University. He passed the Indian civil service examinations held in 1899 and arrived in India on 3 December 1900.


In India, Burkitt served as Assistant Collector and magistrate in the Madras Presidency for sometime before being appointed British Resident to the Cochin kingdom. Burkitt served as British Resident to Cochin from 2 December 1920 to 25 June 1923 and was succeeded by C. W. E. Cotton. He was Commissioner of Madras City in 1919-20 and President and Mayor of the corporation in 1917-18.


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