HITAC S-3000

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The HITAC S-3000 is a family of vector supercomputers developed, manufactured and marketed by Hitachi. Announced in the early 1990s, the family succeeded the HITAC S-820. The S-3000 family comprised the low-end and mid-range S-3600 models and the high-end S-3800 models. Unlike Hitachi's previous generations of supercomputers, the S-3000 family was marketed outside Japan.

The S-3600 was an improved version of the S-820 implemented in more modern semiconductor technology. The S-3800 was a new design, differing significantly from the previous generations. It was a parallel vector processor and supported one to four vector processors.

In 1994, the S-3000 family was complemented by a MPP machine that used superscalar microprocessors, the SR2001. Hitachi eventually discontinued development of vector supercomputers in favor of this approach. The S-3000 family was replaced in 2000 by the SR8000, making it the last vector supercomputer from Hitachi.