HK Alfa (Sarajevo)

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HK Alfa
City Novo Sarajevo
League Bosnia and Herzegovina Hockey League
Founded 2003
Home arena Olympic Hall Zetra

HK Alfa is an ice hockey club from Sarajevo, Bosnia. The club was founded in 2003 and plays in the Bosnia and Herzegovina Hockey League. Recently the club is also known as Medvjedi (Bears) from Novo Sarajevo.


HK Alfa was founded in 2003 however did not enter an active league until 2009 when they joined the Bosnia and Herzegovina Hockey League which had returned after a six year hiatus. HK Alfa finished the 2009–10 regular season in last place winning only three of their ten games. During the season the team played under the name of Medvjedi iz Novog Sarajeva.[1] The following season HK Alfa improved their performance after finishing second in the 2010–11 regular season and qualified for the best of three playoff with HK Bosna who finished in first place. HK Alfa lost the playoff in two games with HK Bosna going on to win their second league title.[2] During the 2010–11 HK Alfa also competed in the Jaroslav Jandourek Cup. Alfa was drawn against HK Ilidža 2010 for the first game. Alfa lost the game 3–6 and was knocked out of the competition.[3] For the start of the 2011–12 season HK Alfa continued the use of playing under a nickname, this season playing as HK Medvjedi.[4]

Season by season record[edit]

Bosnia and Herzegovina Hockey League

Season GP W SOW SOL L GF GA PTS Finish Playoff
2009–10 10 3 0 2 5 21 29 11 3rd Did not qualify
2010–11 15 7 2 1 5 53 51 26 2nd Loss final series vs. HK Bosna, 0–2

Jaroslav Jandourek Cup


Team roster for the 2011–12 season.[5]

Nat Name Pos Date of Birth
Bosnia and Herzegovina Nermin Alic D 27 January 1986
Bosnia and Herzegovina Safet Cosovic G 13 April 1989
Bosnia and Herzegovina Din Gašević F 13 September 1993
Bosnia and Herzegovina Amar Hadžihasanović D 1994
Bosnia and Herzegovina Emir Hanić D 19 April 1995
Bosnia and Herzegovina Hasan Kukic F 3 October 1990
Bosnia and Herzegovina Dino Mujkić F
Bosnia and Herzegovina Pasovic, DinoDino Pasovic G 2 August 1986
Bosnia and Herzegovina Pilav, AdmirAdmir Pilav D 3 July 1987
Bosnia and Herzegovina Posavec, DubravkoDubravko Posavec F 19 July 1983
Canada Matt Potier F
Bosnia and Herzegovina Marin Vršić F


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