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Several ships have borne the name Black Joke, after an English song of the same name.

British ships[edit]

These two hired vessels may have been the same. In his narrative of his voyages in the Mediterranean between 1810 and 1814, Charles Robert Cockerell reports that the lugger was an old vessel, having been at the Battle of Camperdown, which is consistent with the earliest mentions of the cutter.[3]

  • "Black Joke" was also a nickname for the English privateer Liverpool Packet, that operated during the War of 1812, capturing 50 American vessels.
  • Furthermore, there was a lugger Black Joke that received a letter of marque on 5 May 1801. She was of 25 tons burthen, had two 2-pounder guns and was under the command of Captain Phillip Dupont.[4]

Other ships[edit]

Burla Negra ("Black Joke") was the ship of the pirate Benito de Soto.

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