HMS Chesapeake (1855)

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United Kingdom
Name: HMS Chesapeake
Launched: 1855-09-12
Fate: Broken up, 1867, Charlton
General characteristics
Class and type: Forte class
Displacement: 1,610 tons
Tons burthen: 1,111 tons
Length: 235 ft (72 m)
Propulsion: screw
Complement: 510
Armament: 51 guns

HMS Chesapeake was a Royal Navy screw-propelled 51-gun frigate launched in 1855, with a crew of 510 men.[1] She saw action during the Second Opium War and there is a memorial to her losses at Southsea, near Portsmouth.[2] She was the flagship of the British China Squadron in 1861.

Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Fisher served in her in 1860.[3]