HMS Glitter

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United Kingdom
Name: HMS Glitter until 1939, then HMS Raleigh
Builder: Alexander Hall & Co., Aberdeen[1]
Launched: 1918[1]
Fate: Sold 1946, renamed Ocean Raleigh[1]
United Kingdom
Name: HMS Glitter
Builder: A. Hall[1]
Launched: 1918[1]
Fate: Sold 1946, renamed Ocean Raleigh[1]
General characteristics
Class and type: Admiralty steel drifter[1]
Tonnage: 96 gross tons[1]
Displacement: 199 tons[1]
Length: 86 ft (26 m)[1]
  • 18.5 ft (5.6 m) according to Colledge[1]
  • 19.72 ft (6.0 m) according to the National Maritime Museum[2]
Armament: 1 x 6-pounder gun[1]

HMS Glitter was an Admiralty steel drifter of the Royal Navy, constructed in 1918. She was one of 38 named vessels of the class that were completed in 1917-1918.[1] The National Maritime Museum records her as having been at Devonport in 1921.[2] She became a base ship in 1939, taking the name HMS Raleigh, and was sold into civilian service as Ocean Raleigh in 1946.[1]


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