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Eight ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Jackal (or Jackall), after the predatory mammal, the jackal:

  • HMS Jackal was a 10-gun cutter purchased in 1778 and sold in 1785.
  • HMS Jackal was a 14-gun cutter purchased in 1779. Later in 1799 her mutinous Irish crew handed her over to the French at Calais, where she became the privateer Jackall, Chacal, or Boulogne.[1] HMS Prudente recaptured Boullongue on 22 July 1781.[2] Jackall was captured again in 1782 by the USS Deane.
  • HMS Jackal was a 10-gun brig. She was a purchased vessel in service in 1792.
  • HMS Jackal was a 12-gun gun-brig launched in 1801 and wrecked on the French coast in 1807; crew taken into captivity.
  • HMS Jackal was an iron paddle gunvessel launched in 1844 and sold in 1887.
  • HMS Jackal was a fishery protection vessel purchased in 1885 as HMS Woodcock. She was renamed HMS Jackal in 1886 and was sold in 1906.
  • HMS Jackal was an Acheron-class destroyer launched in 1911 and sold in 1920.
  • HMS Jackal was a J-class destroyer launched in 1938 and sunk in 1942.


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