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Royal Navy EnsignEngland
Name: Newbury
Builder: Graves, Limehouse
Launched: 1654
Renamed: HMS Revenge, 1660
Fate: Condemned, 1678
General characteristics [1]
Class and type: Speaker-class frigate
Tons burthen: 766
Length: 117 ft 6 in (35.8 m) (keel)
Beam: 35 ft (10.7 m)
Depth of hold: 14 ft 5 in (4.4 m)
Propulsion: Sails
Sail plan: Full rigged ship
Armament: 52 guns (at launch); 62 guns (1677)

Newbury was a 52-gun third rate Speaker-class frigate built for the navy of the Commonwealth of England at Limehouse, and launched in 1654. She was named for the Parliamentarian victories at the two battles of Newbury.[1]

After the Restoration in 1660, she was renamed HMS Revenge. She spent some time carrying the flag of the senior captain of Prince Rupert's white (van) squadron, commanded by Robert Holmes. By 1677 her armament had been increased to 62 guns, though she was condemned in 1678, and presumably broken up.[1]


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