HMS Royal Arthur (1891)

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Royal Navy Ensign
Class and type: Edgar class
Name: HMS Royal Arthur
Builder: Portsmouth Dockyard
Laid down: January 20 1890
Launched: February 26 1891
Fate: Sold for breaking up August 1921
General characteristics
Tons burthen: 7,700 tons
Length: 387.5 ft (118.1 m)
Beam: 60.75 ft (18.52 m)
Armament: list error: <br /> list (help)
1 x BL 9.2-inch (233.7 mm) Mk VI gun
12 x QF 6 inch guns
12 x 6 pdr guns

HMS Royal Arthur was a first class cruiser of the Edgar class, previously named Centaur, but renamed in 1890 prior to launching. Royal Arthur, and her sister ship Crescent, were built to a slightly modified design and are sometimes considered a separate class. She was built at Portsmouth and launched on February 26 1891. She served in the First World War, and was sold in August 1921 for breaking up in Germany.


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