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HMS Uva was a Royal Navy rest camp at Diyatalawa, in British Ceylon.

The camp was reportedly built as a prisoner of war camp for use in the Boer War in 1900, and was used as a Royal Naval Auxiliary Hospital in the Second World War.[1] The rest camp was commissioned as an independent command under the name Uva on 1 December 1945.[1]

The camp's accounts were transferred to HMS Lanka in 1957, and the camp was transferred to the Air Ministry on 30 September 1958.[1]

Nominal Depot Ships[edit]

Uva had several nominal depot ships during her career:[1]

Type Number Dates active
SPL 431224 1 December 1945 - August 1950
Harbour Launch, Petrol 441614 August 1950 - ?
Harbour Launch, Petrol 431224 1954
Harbour Launch, Diesel 441614 1955 - March 1957
Motor Launch 4749 March 1957 - ?

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