HMY Royal George

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Name: HMY Royal George
Namesake: King George III
Builder: Deptford Dockyard
Launched: 17 July 1817
Fate: Broken up 1905
General characteristics
Type: Royal Yacht
Tons burthen: 330 tons bm
  • 103 ft (31.4 m) (deck)
  • 88 ft 5 in (26.9 m) (keel)
Beam: 26 ft 6 in (8.1 m)
Depth of hold: 11 ft 6 in (3.5 m)
Complement: 67
Armament: 8 brass swivels
Figurehead of HMY Royal George, on display at the National Maritime Museum

HMY Royal George was a Royal Yacht of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom, launched 1817, and last used in 1842. She became an accommodation hulk in 1902, and was broken up in 1905.[1]


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