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Studio album by Hughes Turner Project
Released 29 September 2003
Genre Hard rock, AOR, funk
Length 58:00 (European vsn)
62:40 (Japanese vsn)
Label MTM Music (Europe)
Pony Canyon (Japan)
Producer Glenn Hughes
Joe Lynn Turner
Jeff Kollman
Mark Renk
Hughes Turner Project chronology
Live In Tokyo

HTP 2 is the second album by the Hughes Turner Project, a collaboration between Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, etc.) and Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, etc.); it was released in 2003 on MTM Music and Pony Canyon Records.


The second album followed 2002’s HTP and the Live In Tokyo recording. Between the two releases both Hughes and Turner had issued solo albums, Hughes’ Songs In The Key Of Rock and Turner’s JLT. HTP 2 follows similar musical territory to the debut; a retro hard rock sound infused with AOR and some funk, with vocal trade-offs between the two singers.

JJ Marsh, Hughes’ regular guitarist features on the record and co-wrote many of the songs. Other musicians include Hughes’ keyboardist of the time Ed Roth and drummer Shane Gaalaas. There are special guest appearances from guitarists Steve Vai and Jeff Kollman and Red Hot Chili Peppers (now Hughes’ regular) drummer Chad Smith.

The Japanese version of the album includes a bonus track entitled Keep On Shining.

JJ Marsh later recycled the instrumental middle part of "Lost Dreams" for his own song "The Change" on his solo album "Songs from Planet Marsh".

After the subsequent tour for the album Hughes and Turner agreed to put their collaboration on a permanent hiatus, so this is, to date, the final Hughes Turner Project recording. However the two did contribute vocals and lyrics to Moscow deputy mayor Mikhail Man’s 2005 album Made In Moscow.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Revelation" – 4:09 (Hughes, Marsh, Turner)
  2. "Alone I Breathe" – 4:15 (Hughes)
  3. "Losing My Head" – 5:28 (Hughes, Marsh, Turner)
  4. "Going My Way" – 4:26 (Hughes, Marsh, Turner)
  5. "Hold On" – 5:28 (Hughes, Marsh, Turner)
  6. "Lost Dreams" – 6:35 (Hughes, Marsh, Turner)
  7. "Time and Time Again" – 5:46 (Hughes, Turner)
  8. "Goodbye Friday" – 4:58 (Hughes)
  9. "Burning the Sky" – 6:14 (Hughes, Marsh, Turner)
  10. "Sofia" – 4:47 (Hughes, Marsh, Turner)
  11. "Let's Talk About It Later" – 5:54 (Hughes)

Japan Bonus Track[edit]

  1. "Keep On Shining" – 4:40 (Hughes, Marsh, Turner)




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