HaDerekh LeEin Harod

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HaDerekh LeEin Harod (Hebrew: הדרך לעין חרוד‎, lit. The Road to Ein Harod) was a 1990 Israeli film, adapted from Amos Kenan's dystopian novel, describing a future civil war in Israel. The title refers to the journey of the protagonist to Kibbutz Ein Harod.[1]

The film was directed by Doron Eran and starred Tony Peck (Gregory Peck's son, in his first starring role), Alessandra Mussolini, and Arnon Zadok.[2] It was filmed in Israel but shot in English and aimed at an international market; funding primarily came from European and American investors.[2]

Despite its large budget (US $800,000), the film "suffered a bitter critical and commercial failure."[3] It was panned by The Jerusalem Post upon its release: "This should be politically meaningful...But it is impossible to take anything in this picture seriously, when everything is so blatantly fake and clumsy."[4]


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