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Haag may refer to:



  • Alfred Haag (1904–1982), German Communist and member of the resistance
  • Anna Haag (born 1986), Swedish cross country skier
  • Carl Haag (1820–1915), German-British painter
  • Emile Haag (1942-) Luxembourgish historian, trade unionist
  • Ernest van den Haag (1914–2002), Dutch-American sociologist best known for his contributions to the National Review
  • Jules Haag (1882–1953), French mathematician
  • Lina Haag (1907-2012) German anti-Fascist activist
  • Marty Haag (1934–2004), the news director at the ABC station, WFAA-TV, in Dallas, Texas
  • Rudolf Haag (1922-2016), German physicist, known for his contributions to the axiomatic formulation of quantum field theory
  • Matt Haag, (1992-) American professional Call of Duty player and internet personality