Habeit Ya Leil

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Habeit Ya Leil
Habeit ya leil album cover.jpg
Studio album by Nawal Al Zoghbi
Released March 14, 1997
Recorded 1996-1997
Genre Arabic Pop
Label Relax-In International
Nawal Al Zoghbi chronology
Balaee Fi Zamany
Habeit Ya Leil
Mandam aleik
Singles from Habeit Ya Leil
  1. "Habeit Ya Leil Released June 9, 1997"
  2. "Ghareeb El Raai Released August 15, 1997"
  3. "Noss El Alb November 11, 1997"
  4. "Ana Hlaweit January 10, 1998"

Habeit Ya Leil is the 4th album of Nawal Al Zoghbi. It included three hit singles. It was a follow up to the duo she performed live and recorded in 1996 with Lebanese Artist Wael Kfouri, Meen Habibi Ana.[1]

Surprisingly, after releasing two albums with Music Box International, Nawal chose Relax-In, the production label which produced her debut album Wehyati Andak, for this album. Afterwards, Nawal terminated the contract within the release of her next album.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Habeit Ya Leil"
  2. "Ana Hlaweit"
  3. "Beini W Beinak"
  4. "Sodfah"
  5. "Noss El Alb"
  6. "Tamini Habibi"
  7. "La Tfaker"
  8. "Ghareeb Al Raai"

Music videos[edit]

  • Habeit Ya Leil

Habeit Ya Leil had almost 5 Nawal duplicates, each singing several bits of the song. In some scenes they appear together, but in others they're by themselves.[3]