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Habib Selmi (Tunisian Arabic: حبيب السالمي) (born 1951) is a Tunisian novelist and short story writer.[1] He was born in Al-Ala near the historic city of Kairouan. To date, he has published eight novels and two short story collections. His books include:

  • Jabal al-'Anz (Goat Mountain), 1988
  • Surat Badawi Mayyit (Portrait of a Dead Bedouin), 1990
  • Matahat al-Raml (Sand Labyrinth), 1994
  • Hufar Dafi'a (Warm Pits), 1999
  • Ushaq Bayya (Bayya's Lovers), 2002
  • Asrar Abdallah (Abdallah’s Secrets), 2006
  • Rawaïh Marie-Claire (The Scents of Marie-Claire), 2008

Selmi's novel The Scents of Marie-Claire was shortlisted for the Arabic Booker Prize. His work has been translated into a number of languages, including English and French, and has featured in multiple issues of Banipal magazine.

Selmi has lived in Paris since 1985 where he teaches Arabic literature.