Habil Aliyev

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Habil Aliyev
Birth name Habil Mustafa oğlu Əliyev
Born May 1927 (age 88)
Origin Agdash, Azerbaijani SSR
Genres Azerbaijani Folk Music, Mugham
Occupation(s) Composer
Instruments Primary:
Years active 1925 – 2009
Associated acts Mark Eliyahu

Habil Aliyev (Azerbaijani: Habil Əliyev; born May 28, 1927 in Agdash, Azerbaijan[1][2]) is a prominent Azerbaijani kamancheh player. His music has been widely appreciated in the Middle East and Europe.[3]

He is well versed in Persian traditional music and has played for many years at Tehran concert halls. He has numerous recording with the prominent Persian classical musician Shajarian.

Musical career[edit]

Habil Aliyev's first international performance was in United Kingdom when he was accompanying Rashid Behbudov and Tamara Sinyavskaya. This performances created great resonance and British press quoting Major of Glasgow called Habil Aliyev "Paganini of Azerbaijan".[4] He inspired Israeli Mizrahi musician Mark Eliyahu to play kamancheh.[5]

In 2009, as a result of his poor health he made a symbolic "last concert" at Tehran Roudaki-Wahdat concert hall.[6]

Influence and legacy[edit]

In 2014, child music school in Agdash named after him.[7]


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