Hac Sa Beach

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Hac Sa Beach
Traditional Chinese 黑沙海灘
Simplified Chinese 黑沙海滩
Cantonese Yale Hāksā Hóitāan
Literal meaning Black sand beach
Hac Sa Beach

Hac Sa Beach (Portuguese: Baía de Hác Sá) is a beach in Coloane, Macau, China. It is the largest natural beach in Macau.


The name "Hac Sa", is a translation from Cantonese (Chinese: 黑沙; Cantonese Yale: Hāksā), literally means the famous black sand. However, to prevent the beach from disappearing due to erosion, Macau government has refilled the beach with yellow sand artificially. A stream that originates from Hac Sa Reservoir runs through the central area of the beach. [1]

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Coordinates: 22°07′22″N 113°34′21″E / 22.12286°N 113.57245°E / 22.12286; 113.57245