Hadji Nikoli

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Hadji Nikoli
Николи Минчоолу
Born Nikoli Minchoolu
Tarnovo, Ottoman Empire
(now Bulgaria)
Died 1892
Tarnovo, Ottoman Empire
(now Bulgaria)
Nationality Principality of Bulgaria
Ethnicity Bulgarian
Occupation industrialist, grantor, participant in the Bulgarian Independent Orthodox Church Fight

Hadji Nikoli is a famous merchant, Bulgarian patriot, participant in the Bulgarian Independent Orthodox Church Fight.


Hadji Nikoli was born in 1826 in Tarnovo, Bulgaria. His father Hadji Dimo was a fur and leather merchant. Young Nikoli received education of high quality. One of his teachers Evtim – a priest – was a Bulgarian patriot who hated the Greek men of God who ruled the Church of Bulgaria.

Participant in the Bulgarian Independent Orthodox Church Fight[edit]

Hadji Nikoli became a patriot too who dedicated his life to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church independence. He left Tarnovo and settled down in Constantinople (today Istanbul). He kept active correspondence with representatives from all towns in Bulgaria and protected the rights of the Bulgarian Orthodox population. He expressed the requests to the Turkish Sultan. The fight was long and difficult, over 40 years. Many representatives resisted because of lack of finance. Hadji Nikoli and d-r Stojan Chomakov from Plovdiv was the only persons who fight till the end.

Hadji Nikoli Inn[edit]

Hadji Nikoli Inn was built during the period of 1858–1862 by the native constructor Nikola Fichev (usta Koljo Ficheto) for the rich merchant Hadji Nikola Minchev (Hadji Nikoli). Today the Inn is the only one survived in Veliko Tarnovo among 70 built in the town.

The building is a part of a dense urban skyline, situated on steep shallow ground. Its structure is designed by step-shaped forms, open-worked facades, typical architectural motifs and concave profiles of the cornices, parapets and stone plinth, and an elliptical line of arches and vaults. The narrow long courtyard is enclosed from three sides.

The Hadji Nikoli Inn of Veliko Tarnovo is one of the most valuable building of the monumental public architecture of the late Renaissance in Bulgaria. It is declared a national antique and cultural monument of national significance. The unique Hadji Nikoli Inn has been given new life and modern comfort while preserving its authentic character. Following a long and thorough restoration, the Hadji Nikoli Inn opened its doors for visitors and guests in March 2010 and quickly turned into a significant cultural center.

The Complex of Hadji Nikoli Inn now comprises several exhibition halls and an Art gallery, a restaurant with differently decorated lounges and a garden, a coffee shop and a wine-bar.


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