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Haid may refer to:


  • Charles Haid (b. 1943), an American actor and director
  • Grit Haid (1900–1938), an Austrian stage and film actress, the sister of Liane Haid
  • Herenaus Haid (1784–1873), a German Catholic clergyman, teacher, catechist and author
  • Johann Elias Haid (1739–1809), a German engraver and portraitiste, the son of Johann Jacob Haid
  • Johann Jacob Haid (1704–1767), a German engraver from Augsbourg, the father of Johann Elias Haid
  • Leo Haid (1849–1924), an American Benedictine abbot and Catholic bishop
  • Liane Haid (1895–2000), an Austrian actress, first Austrian movie star, the sister of Grit Haid


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