Haiku Studios

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Haiku Studios
IndustrySoftware & Programming
PredecessorComputer's Dream Edit this on Wikidata
Key people
Olivier Cordoleani
Hervé Lange
ProductsAdventure games
Number of employees
11-50 [1]

Haiku Studios was a video game developer based in France, founded by Olivier Cordoleani and Hervé Lange in 1993. Cordoleani and Lange both worked on "Iron and Flame" (ATARI), "B.A.T." (1990, Ubisoft) and "B.A.T. II - The Koshan Conspiracy" (1992, Ubisoft) under the name Computer's Dream during the 1980s. The name Haiku Studios was coined in 1993 and consisted of Computer's Dream and several other developers.

The company developed "Down in the Dumps", which was published by Philips Media for MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh in 1996. A 3D racing game, "Demon Driver"[1]; "Moreau"[2], believed to be a tie-in of the 1996 movie "The Island of Dr. Moreau" (starring Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer); and "Elric the Necromancer"[3], an action RPG in the Diablo ilk, were in development when the company went out of business in 1997.


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