Haji Baz Gul Afridi

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Haji Baz Gul Afridi
Haji Baz Gul.jpg
Born Darra Adam Khel, F.A.T.A
Occupation Politician
Known for Ex-Member of National Assembly of Pakistan
Relatives Haji Gul Afridi, Haji Majeed Gul Afridi, Haji Islam Gul Afridi, Asad Afridi, Hamza Afridi.

Malik Haji Baz Gul Afridi, (Urdu-حاجی باز گل آفریدی) is a Pakistani politician from the Darra Adam Khel region of Pakistan. He served as the Member of National Assembly for the FATA region NA-34 from 1997 to 1999.[1][2]

Haji Baz Gul comes from an Afridi Pashtun family from the region of Darra Adam Khel in the federally administrated tribal areas of Pakistan. Gun trade is a major occupation in Darra and Baz Gul became an arms dealer in the area. He also claims to have sold weapons to those smuggling arms into various countries.[3] He also co-owned Peshawar's largest computer market until it was closed in 2007.[4][5]

He entered politics by running as an independent candidate for the National Assembly of Pakistan during the Pakistan General Elections 1997 and was elected as MNA from NA-34 region of FATA.[6] He served as the MNA for NA-34 FATA until 1999.

Baz Gul was a candidate for National Assembly seat NA-47 in the 2008 General Election. He was third, with 20% of the vote.[7] He contested the same seat in the 2013 General Election, this time as a candidate for the PML-N.[8][9] He lost, coming in fourth, with 9% of the vote.[10]

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