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A view Haldórsvík.
A view Haldórsvík.
Haldarsvík is located in Denmark Faroe Islands
Location in the Faroe Islands
Coordinates: 62°16′33″N 7°5′31″W / 62.27583°N 7.09194°W / 62.27583; -7.09194Coordinates: 62°16′33″N 7°5′31″W / 62.27583°N 7.09194°W / 62.27583; -7.09194
State  Kingdom of Denmark
Constituent country  Faroe Islands
Island Streymoy
Municipality Sunda Kommuna
 • Total 173
Time zone GMT
 • Summer (DST) EST (UTC+1)
Postal code FO 440
Climate Cfc

Haldórsvik (Danish: Haldersvig) is a village located on the north-east coast of Streymoy in the Sunda Kommuna municipality. In the center of the village there is a small cataract.

The stone church in the village is from 1856. It is the only octagonal church on the Faroe Islands. The altarpiece is also distinctive. It represents the Last Supper where the Apostles' faces are replaced by the faces of living public figures from the Faroe Islands.


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