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Haley Moss is an attorney, contemporary American pop art artist, author and advocate for people with disabilities.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] Diagnosed at age three with high-functioning autism,[2] she has been recognized by Project Lifesaver,[12] University of Miami,[13] Dan Marino Foundation,[14] "Hope for Children"[15] and Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) for her efforts, talents and philanthropy.[16]

Moss attended the Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.,[2] holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from the University of Florida, a Miami Scholar and a Juris Doctor from the University of Miami School of Law.[17]

On January 11, 2019, she was admitted to the Florida bar as a professionally licensed attorney[18] and the first openly autistic female attorney in the State of Florida.[19][20]

Moss now teaches undergraduate courses on autism,[21] and has spoken at TedxUMiami[22] in April of 2022 about how she believes attention is ambiguous.[23]

Publications / Awards[edit]

  • Paperback "The Young Autistic Adult's Independence Handbook", (2021) Jessica Kingsley Publishing, ISBN 978-1787757578[24]
  • Paperback "Great Minds Think Differently: Neurodiversity for Lawyers and Other Professionals", (2021) ABA Book Publishing, ISBN 9781641058957[25]
  • Paperback "A Freshman Survival Guide for College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Stuff Nobody Tells You About!", (2014) Jessica Kingsley Publishing, ISBN 978-1849059848
  • Paperback "Middle School: The Stuff Nobody Tells You About", (2010) AAPC Publishing, ISBN 978-1934575628[26]
  • DisAbilities Expo "Outstanding Leadership Award", Broward County, FL, October, 2010[27]
  • Unicorn Foundation "Award for Continuous and Generous Support", Boca Raton, Florida., March, 2011[28]
  • WXEL TV and the Garnet Society "Future Women with Wings and Wisdom" award recipient at Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach, FL., March, 2011[29]
  • MAAP Services, "Art Across the Spectrum Star of Hope Award", Bradenton/Sarasota, FL., March, 2011[30]
  • Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) "Yes I Can!" International Award in the Arts, Washington, D.C., April, 2011[31]
  • Project Lifesaver International "Ambassador", Palm Beach Gardens, FL., April, 2011[12]
  • Samsung "Hope for Children" 10th Anniversary "Teen Hero" honoree, Cipriani, New York, NY., June, 2011[32]
  • Prudential Spirit of Community Award, Distinguished Finalist, State of Florida, February, 2012[33][34]
  • President's Volunteer Service Award, February, 2012[34]
  • Blogher Voices of the Year Honoree, July, 2016[35]
  • "Haley Moss Appreciation Day" Proclamation, Broward County, Florida, June 26, 2012[36]
  • "Gators of Tomorrow" Top 25 Freshman at the University of Florida, April, 2013[37]
  • Unicorn Foundation "Young Leaders in Philanthropy Award" October, 2012[38]
  • University of Florida Anderson Scholar, September, 2014[37]
  • Birch Family Services "Voices of Hope Award Honoree" New York, NY, May 2018[39]
  • Unicorn Children's Foundation "Youth in Service Award" February, 2019[40]
  • Alumni Leadership Award, University of Miami School of Law Society of Bar & Gavel, April 2019[citation needed]
  • "Autism Spectrum Award Els for Autism", Oct 2019[41]
  • "Hiring neurodiverse people like me can give companies a competitive advantage", Washington Post, Oct 2019[42]

Projects / Events[edit]

  • Contributing Artist, University of Miami/Nova Southeastern University CARD, 2009–2012[43]
  • Panel Speaker, Books and Books, March, 2010[44]
  • Event Feature Artist," Walk About Autism", Dan Marino Foundation, January, 2011
  • Event Feature Artist, "Project Hope",[45]
  • Event Feature Artist, Unicorn Foundation, March, 2011[28]
  • Event Artist, Making Autistic Strides "Melody of Hope" concert, March, 2011[46]
  • Event Feature Artist and "Teen Hero" honoree, Samsung "Hope For Children" charity fundraiser, New York City, June, 2011[32]
  • Event Feature Artist, City of Boca Raton "Art in Public Places", September, 2011[47]
  • Event Panel Speaker, "Transitions:2012" Conference, Lynn University, Boca Raton, Florida, January, 2012
  • Event Feature Artist," 2nd Annual Walk About Autism", Sun Life Stadium, Dan Marino Foundation, Miami, Florida, January, 2012[48]
  • Event Contributing Artist, Unicorn Foundation, February, 2012[28]
  • Event Feature Artist, University of Miami/Nova Southeastern University CARD "Tropical Nights" 10th Anniversary fundraiser, May, 2012[49]
  • Event Feature Artist, Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Florida, October, 2012[50]
  • Event Panel Speaker, "Transitions:2013" Conference, Lynn University, Boca Raton, Florida, February, 2013[51]
  • Event Contributing Artist and Supporter, Unicorn Foundation, March, 2013[28]
  • Coral Gables Police Department Co-Host "The Wallet Card for Autism Spectrum Disorder Residents", February 2015[52]
  • Contributing writer, "The Huffington Post", October 2015 to present[15]
  • Student Commencement Speaker, University of Miami School of Law Class of 2018, May 2018 University of Miami School of Law Commencement Ceremony on Livestream
  • 2018 Community Inclusion Award Publix Self-Advocate of the Year, Special Needs Advisory Coalition/Unicorn Children's Foundation, October 2018

Organizations / Public Service[edit]

  • Ambassador, Project Lifesaver[12]
  • Contributor, Dan Marino Foundation[14]
  • Contributor, University of Miami/NSU CARD Tropical Nights[13]
  • Board of directors, University of Miami/NSU CARD
  • Junior Board Member, Unicorn Children's Foundation
  • Associate editor, Zoom Autism Magazine[53]
  • Constituency Board, University of Miami/NSU CARD
  • Board of directors, Different Brains[54]
  • Diversity Committee Co-chair, Miami-Dade Florida Association for Women Lawyers[55]
  • Milestones National Autism 2020 Conference Planning Committee

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