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Haluk Levent (born 26 November 1968, Yüreğir, Adana, Turkey) is a Turkish rock music singer who helped revive the long forgotten Anatolian Rock genre in 1990s.

After graduating from high school, he joined various university programs but he had to quit for economic reasons.[1] In 1992, he released his first album, Yollarda, which sold about 600,000.[citation needed] He is known for his charity concerts and his environmentalism. He came to Istanbul in 1992. He worked at various bars in Ortaköy. He met with Yildiray Gürgen. He worked with musicians like Serdar Öztop and Akın Eldes to increase the quality of his albums. . In July 1993 he released his first album, "Yollarda". Following his first album, his second album "Bir Gece Vakti" captured a sales figure approaching one million dollars in 1995. Also at the end of 1996, the album album went on sale. With this album, the artist has signed one of the most successful musical examples of Anatolian rock music. In September 1998, he released the third album "Ayrılık". Following his military service, "Kral Çıplak" in February 2001, "Bir Erkeğin Günlüğü" in 2002 October, "Aç Pencereni" in September 2004, and "Annemin Türküleri" in 2005 [2]


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