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Hamadjoda Adjoudji (born 1937[1]) is a Cameroonian politician. He served in the government of Cameroon as Minister of Animal Husbandry, Fishing, and Animal Industries from 1984 to 2004.[2] Currently he is a Deputy Secretary-General of the Central Committee of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (RDPC).[3]

Hamadjoda was born in Banyo, located in what later became Adamawa Region. A veterinary doctor by profession, he was Head of the Provincial Sector of Animal Husbandry and Animal Industries from November 1972 to March 1974. Subsequently, he was Director-General of the Animal Production Development and Exploitation Company (SODEPA) from March 1974 to July 1984.[1]

Appointed to the government by President Paul Biya as Minister of Animal Husbandry, Fishing, and Animal Industries on 7 July 1984, Hamadjoda remained in that position for over twenty years; he was eventually replaced in December 2004. He therefore headed a ministry for longer than anyone else in Cameroon's history since independence in 1960.[2]

Following his departure from the government, Hamadjoda Adjoudji became Chairman of the Board of the Public Contract Regulatory Agency (Agence de régulation des marchés publics, ARMP).[4] President Paul Biya also appointed him as Chairman of the Board of the University of Ngaoundere on 10 September 2005.[5]

On 15 March 2007 President Biya additionally appointed Hamadjoda Adjoudji to a three-year term on the Coordination Committee of the National Anti-Corruption Commission.[4][6] He and the other members of the Commission were sworn in on 30 May 2007.[7]


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