Hamble–Warsash Ferry

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Hamble Ferry
Hamble Ferry May 2021.JPG
LocaleHampshire, England
WaterwayHamble River
Began operation1493 or earlier
No. of vessels2
No. of terminals2

The Hamble–Warsash Ferry is an 'on-demand' passenger ferry service on the River Hamble in Hampshire, England. The ferry operates between Hamble-le-Rice on the west bank of the river and Warsash on the east.

The current service is the latest incarnation of a service that has operated for several centuries; there are records of a ferry across the Hamble is in 1493.[1] It was an important link on the route between the cities of Portsmouth and Southampton. It was also a key link in more than one pilgrimage route. The ferry now provides a link in local, national and international footpaths such as the Solent Way and cycle routes such as National Cycle Route 2.

Although it has previously been operated using rowing boats, the current service is run with two motorised ferries, Claire and Emily. Both ferries carry a maximum of twelve passengers and are painted in a pink livery, having been painted white until a change of ownership in 2002. A water taxi and mooring service are also operated by the ferry company.[2]

The ferry, a foot-passenger only service, is notable for its boats, each painted bright pink. The pink paint scheme is echoed on the shelter by the landing on the east bank of the river.

Throughout the sixties and seventies the ferry was run by a Ray Sedgwick, a local boatman who hired boats out to tourists etc. The ferry shelter on the Warsash side was built in the early 1900s by the Bugle pub who sold beer to other local pubs, the shelter was used to store kegs as well as keeping travellers out of the rain.[3]


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