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Hameed Al Husseinie College
හමීඩ් අල් හුසේනි විද්යාලය ஹமீத் அல் ஹுசைனி கல்லூரி
Hameed Al Husseinie Crest.png
HAHC Front.jpg
School Entrance
No. 45, Hussainiya Street, Colombo-12

Sri Lanka
Coordinates6°56′27″N 79°51′35″E / 6.940890°N 79.859637°E / 6.940890; 79.859637Coordinates: 6°56′27″N 79°51′35″E / 6.940890°N 79.859637°E / 6.940890; 79.859637
Former name
  • Hameed Al Husseinie Maha Vidyalaya (1963-1991)
  • Hameediah Boys' English School (1921-1969)
  • Al Madrasathul Hameediah (1901-1921)
  • Al Madrasathul Khairiyyathul Islamiah (1884-1921)
TypePublic National
MottoSeek Knowledge From Cradle To Grave
Religious affiliation(s)Islamic
Established15th November 1884 (15th November 1884) 136 Years Ago
Teaching staff>110
Years offered6 - 19
Number of students>2700
LanguageTamil & Sinhala
Color(s)Maroon, yellow & green
HAH Flagwith logo.jpg

Hameed Al Husseinie College (Sinhala: හමීඩ් අල් හුසේනි විද්යාලය; Tamil: ஹமீத் அல் ஹுசைனி கல்லூரி; Arabic: كلية حميد الحسينى‎) is an Islamic national school in Colombo, Sri Lanka, founded in 1884 (First Muslim Boys' School in Sri Lanka).


The college began as a school, the Al Madrasathul Khairiyyathul Islamiah. Founded by Marhoom Sidde Lebbe Image, Marhoom Wapichi Marikkar and Ahmed Urabi Pasha, Marhoom Ahmed Orabi Pasha, at the school's opening ceremony on 15 November 1884 (First Boys Muslim School in Sri Lanka), Ahmed Orabi made a speech on the importance of the new school to Sri Lanka's Muslim community.[1][2] The Muslim community was not willing to enter into the modern education system introduced in the 19th century, for several reasons. One was that most of the schools were established and controlled by the Christian missionaries. The traditional and conservative Muslims had the fear that English education may lead their children to Christianity, as they witnessed in Sinhalese and Tamil communities.[3] Hence, Siddi Lebbe wanted to establish separate schools for Muslims as did the Buddhist and Hindu revivalists. His dream was realised in November 1884 with the establishment of the first Muslim English school in this country - 'AL Madurasathul Khairiyyatul Islamiah' in Colombo.

In 1901, Noordeen Hadjiar, trustee of the Grand Mosque, built a new building for the school using his own funds as a monument to the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Abdul Hamid II, the Ottoman Sultan, and renamed the school Al Madrasathul Hameediah. In the same year a farewell ceremony was held for Orabi at the school premises to mark his departure from Ceylon to Egypt. In 1921, the school was again renamed as Hameediah Boys' English School.

During this same period, The Ceylon Moslem Educational Society Ltd. was founded in 1919 with the objective of looking after the educational needs of the Muslim community. The first school founded by the society was in Hulftsdrop Street and was called Akbar School. Later the members of the society bought the property at 45 Husseiniya Street (then called Kuruwe Street) and the school was shifted there in 1919 and named Husseinie Boys’ English School.

The school was amalgamated in 1961 with the nearby Husseinie Boys' English School under the new name Hameed Al Husseinie Maha Vidyalaya by Badiudin Mahmud, the Minister of Education. On 29 August 1972, government ministers Pieter Keuneman and Badiudin Mahmud visited the school and unveiled a new five-storey building block and a three-storey science section. These buildings were completed in 1982 and the then Prime Minister Ranasinghe Premadasa visited the school and declared it open on 3 June 1982 by the invitation of then Minister of Education Ranil Wickremasinghe.

The school was officially granted college status in 1991, and was renamed Hameed Al Husseinie College. It was elevated to a National School on July 26, 1996.

To remark the school 125th years, a stamp (Rs. 5/=) was released 30 July 2009 at the college premises.[3][4][5]


Notable Principals
Years of Active Name
2017-Today Mr.Adahan

Notable alumni[edit]

The First Building - Hameedia Hall
The Names of Notable Alumni
Name Categories
Mr.M.J.M.Lafir Sports Former World Billiards Champion
Mr.Alavi Moulana Politics Former Member of Parliament & Governor of Western Province


Sports hold major part of Hameed Al Husseinie College and sporting events are held throughout the year including the Inter-House Sports Festival. The college offers sports such as soccer, cricket, Karate, swimming and boxing.[6] and the most prominent sport is soccer.

Billiards and snooker[edit]

MJM Lafir - World Amateur Billiard Champion[edit]

The first ever world championship title for any sports won by Sri Lanka. Muhammad Lafir was a past student of HAH College.

HAHC Stamp.jpg

Football (soccer)[edit]

Billiard World Champion 1973 - Mr.M.J.M. Lafir

The college has hosted the annual Invitation Schools Soccer Championship for the Best Deal Trophy since 2007. In 2010 Zahira College, Colombo won the championship, beating St. Benedict's College, Colombo for the second consecutive time. Hameed Al Husseinie College won third place against Zahira College, Mawanella.[7]

Presidents Cup – 2017[edit]

In 2017 The Annual Invitation School Soccer Tournament organised by the G'80 (The OBA Group of 80's) was named "The Presidents Cup" and was held in January under the patronage of President Maithripala Siresena at the Colombo Racecourse Ground. The final was between Hameed Al Husseinie College vs Maris Stella College Negombo where the host Hameed Al Husseinie College Clinched the trophy yet again.

Presidents Cup – 2018[edit]

Presidents Cup 2018 is underway and the tournament started on 25 February 2018 with a Grand Opening Ceremony with the participation of Leading 20 School Football Teams in Sri Lanka at the Colombo Racecourse Ground. As at 4 March 2018, Zahira College, Colombo and the defending champion Hameed Al Husseinie College, Colombo have ensured their positions in the Grand Finale which is to be held on 18 March 2018 under the flood lights at the Racecourse Ground, Colombo, under the patronage of H.E.Maithripala Siresena the president of Sri Lanka. The final was held on 18 March 2018 and the Zahira College Colombo become the New Champions after beating Hameed Al Husseinie College 4-3(1-1) in the penalty shootout.

Meeting the President

Presidents Cup – 2019[edit]

Presidents Cup 2019 was held between March and April 2019 and Hameed Al Husseinie College emerged as the Champions after beating comprehensively the Al Azhar Central College,Thihariya.

Presidents Cup – 2020

Presidents Cup 2020 is set to be held between 7 March 2020 to 28 March 2020 at the Racecourse Ground Colombo and it was held up at the semifinal stage due to the Covid -19 Pandemic situation. The following schools were selected for the Semifinals to be played

Defending Champions Hameed Al Husseinie College, S.Thomas' College,Mt.Lavinia, Maris Stella College,Negombo and Muslim Central College,Kaluthara.

Milo Cup All Island Tournament - 2018[edit]

The All island Milo Cup under 12 tournament held for the year 2018 and Hameed Al Husseinie College emerged as the Western Province Champions.

Celebration of 60-year winning streak 1957–2017[edit]

Hameed Al Husseinie College celebrated its 60 years of excellence with commemoration of its winning streak which started from John Tarbet Shield victory in the final match against Zahira College Colombo in 1957.

John Tarbet Shield 1957


There are four divisions among the students when it comes to inter-house competition and the names of the houses are as follows.

  • Yemen colour is :   Yellow
  • Humaizara colour is :   Blue
  • Jeelan colour is :   Green
  • Thoose colour is :   Red


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