Hammerhead (EP)

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Hammerhead vinyl.jpg
EP by Solace
Released 2006
Genre Hard rock
Heavy metal
Doom metal
Stoner metal
Label Land o' Smiles
Producer Solace
Solace chronology
Hammerhead Split
(2004)String Module Error: Match not found2004
Hammerhead 10 Inch EP
The Black Black
(2007)The Black Black2007

Hammerhead is Solace's half of 2004's Blackmarket/Hammerhead split EP, re-released in 2006 on limited edition 10 inch vinyl.

Recorded at New Alliance Studios in Boston, MA, Hammerhead found Solace "experimenting with some new styles to nice effect".[1] Two cover songs - a title track originally by Rare Bird and Link Wray's Rumble - were described as "bombastic",[1] "on fire",[2] and sounding "like some New Wave of British Heavy Metal classic".[3] An original track ("Cement Stitches") harkens back to Solace's Punk and Hardcore roots [4] with "cool harmonic breakdowns"[3] and vocals "that can go from a solemn Ian Curtis baritone to a wailing Chris Cornell banshee shriek".[5]

This album's cover art was done by Solace friend and repeat cover-artist Paul Vismara. Originally released as half of a split EP with Albany, NY's Greatdayforup. This release was limited to 500 copies.

Track listing[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. "Hammerhead"
  2. "Cement Stitches"

Side two[edit]

  1. "Rumble"

Lyrics to "Cement Stitches" have never been officially released. It is commonly believed that the intensely personal nature of vocalist Jason's lyrics prevent him from allowing their publication.