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Hampton Loade Ferry
The pulley and suspended cable can just be seen to the left of the picture

Hampton Loade Ferry is a pedestrian cable ferry linking the villages of Hampton Loade and Hampton across the River Severn in the English county of Shropshire and providing a link to Hampton Loade village from Hampton Loade station on the heritage Severn Valley Railway, in Hampton village.[1]

The crossing has been in use for around 400 years, and may have provided a route across the Severn during the Middle Ages. During the flood of December 1964 the ferry sank drowning the operator and causing inconvenience for the hamlet residents who had to take detours. The service was restored the following year.[2] In 2004 a new ferry was built by the nearby Ironbridge Gorge Museum to the design of the previous boat, which had seen 38 years' service. The new craft is of wooden construction, measures 20 feet by 9 feet, and carries up to 12 passengers.[1][3]

Hampton Loade Ferry information for passengers

The ferry was affected by the floods of 2007, which damaged the river banks and access roads and also affected the Severn Valley Railway, with a consequent loss of tourist revenue to the ferry. As a result, the ferry did not operate during the remainder of 2007 or during 2008, and the owner put it up for sale. Local people created the Hampton Loade Community Trust, a charitable trust, to reopen the ferry. This was achieved in April 2009.[4][5]

The Hampton Loade Ferry is a reaction ferry, propelled by the river current. An overhead cable is suspended across the river, and the ferry is tethered by a second cable, to a pulley block that runs on the suspended cable. To operate the ferry it is angled into the current, causing the current to move it across the river.

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