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Han Yerry Tewahangarahken ("He Who Takes Up the Snow Shoe") (1724 – 1794)[1] was also known as Honyery Doxtator. Han Yerry Tewahangarahken was born into his mother's Wolf clan, as the Iroquois had a matrilineal society with women holding property and hereditary leadership passing through their lines, children took the nationality and clan of their mother, as they gain social status through her. He became a war chief of the Oneida people and was key during the American Revolutionary War.[2] He was thought to have had a German Palatine father. Although this statement is most likely a result of confusion with another family of "Dockstaders" that can trace their line back to Georg Dachstädter, a German Palatine who settled in Upstate New York in 1709. Han Yerry Tewahangarahken is not in his line and therefore his children most likely adopted the name.[3][4] Yerry fought in the Battle of Oriskany against Loyalists and other members of the Haudenosaunee. He was married to Tyonajanegen.[2]


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