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The Hand Eye Society is a not-for-profit coalition of projects and people in support of Toronto's video game communities.[1]

The Hand Eye Society Organizes socials, unconferences, presentations, showcases and established connections with the interactive design community at large [2]


  • The Hand Eye Society Participated in Toronto's 2010 Nuit Blanche Festival where they held a booth at the TIFF bell Lightbox called Arcadian Renaissance.[3]
  • The Hand Eye Society was At the Toronto FAN EXPO showing off the Torontron.
  • In 2011, The Hand Eye Society hosted two incarnations of the Difference Engine Initiative, a program dedicated toward getting more women involved in independent game development. [4]

Current projects[edit]

  • Hand Eye Society Socials
  • Torontron (The Indie Arcade Cabinet)
  • Artsy Games Incubator

Partnering projects[edit]

  • Gamercamp
  • TOJam (Toronto Game Jam)


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