Handel's Last Chance

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Handel's Last Chance
Directed by Milan Cheylov
Produced by David Devine
Richard Mozer
Written by David Devine (story)
Marlene Matthews (writer)
Starring Leon Pownall
Tod Fennell
Gerard Parkes
Cinematography David Perrault
Edited by Michael Pacek
Devine Entertainment
Release date
Running time
51 minutes
Country Canada Canada & Slovakia Slovakia
Language English

Handel's Last Chance is a 1996 Devine Entertainment film created by David Devine and Richard Mozer for HBO Original Films of New York. The film was directed by Milan Cheylov.

It stars Leon Pownall as George Frideric Handel, Tod Fennell as Jamie, Gerard Parkes as Jonathan Swift, Seana McKenna as Mary, and Cody Jones as Wee Hugh Brannigan.

Devine Entertainment's Handel's Last Chance is set in 1742 Dublin, where 10-year-old Jamie O'Flaherty and the brilliant composer George Frideric Handel live. Jamie, who comes from a very poor family, has been arrested for stealing and is thrown into the dungeon when the film opens. Handel, whose career is almost failing, needs his newest composition to be a big hit. By a stroke of destiny, the young boy and the composer become unlikely allies. Handel gets Jamie out of jail and the boy lends his golden voice to the premiere performance of Messiah.

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