Hangnail (Christian band)

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Origin Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States
Genres Christian punk, Christian metal, pop punk
Years active 1993-2003
Labels BEC/Tooth & Nail, EMI CMG
Past members Matt Wendt
Nick Radovanovic
Mike Middleton
Jacob Dosemagen

Hangnail was a Christian punk band from Kenosha, Wisconsin, formed in 1993.


Hangnail was formed when Nick Radovanovic and Jacob Dosemagen, who had started a group called Say What when they were only eight years old, met up with Mike Middleton in high school. Matt Wendt joined the band later as a second guitarist, making the group a foursome.[1]

Right after graduation in 1997, Hangnail appeared on the Cornerstone New Band Showcase stage, which enabled the band to engage in a serious career. Subsequent touring allowed the band to build up a strong fan base, and in 1999 Hangnail recorded its self-titled debut album, released on BEC Recordings.[1]

This release was followed up by extensive touring in 2000, and the band's second release, Facing Changes, was released in 2001 on Tooth & Nail Records.[2] This release was bundled with an Acoustic EP, which showcased the band's varied style.[3][4] The band played at Cornerstone Festival in 2001, and began work on a third studio album.[5] In 2003, the band finished recording the album, entitled Transparent, and announced that it would disband after playing a final show at Cornerstone.[4] The album was released immediately following this performance after the group disbanded.[6]


Hangnail's punk-pop style combined rhythms from heavy metal and melodic punk rock with pop music flourishes. According to Allmusic, this style was mixed with "praise-oriented lyrics to come up with a unique sound that rocks wildly with metal riffs and power chords."[1] The band's musical influences varied. According to Mike Middleton, when Hangnail first started the members liked bands such as Nirvana, Green Day, and Weezer.[7] Other early influences include Stevie Wonder, MxPx, Pennywise, and NOFX, though according to Middleton the band broadened its listening tastes to a wide variety of genres ranging from classical to rock and roll.[7]


  • Hangnail - 1999
  • Facing Changes/Acoustic EP - 2001
  • Transparent - 2003
  • Hangnail: Live - 2016 (recorded in 2002)
Collaborative works
  • Start Right Here: Remembering the Life of Keith Green - 2008

Line up[edit]


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