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Hanna Bohman is a former Canadian model who decided to travel to Syria to become a fighter with the Kurdish YPJ militia.

She decided to join the Kurdish forces in Syria after watching an ISIS propaganda video featuring Canadian John Maguire who had gone to fight for the militant group and appeared in propaganda videos to incite Canadians to launch attacks in their own country.[1][2] Bohman told Vice that she also wanted to do something useful with her life after surviving a near fatal motorcycle accident. She told them that "I had wasted so much of my life trying to make a living, that I hadn't actually started to live. Fighting the Satanic State and being part of the revolution in Rojava is a dream come true. Not that I dreamed of killing people, but that I am now truly useful."[3]

A former model with A.B.C., she told the channel CTV Vancouver that "I needed to do something with my life. I was bored. I didn't feel like I had done anything that I felt was really important". She was smuggled into the country and decided to join the YPJ because she felt they were fighting for women's rights in the region.[4]

Bohman's nom de guerre is Tiger Sun. She worked as a "spotter" for a defensive unit of the YPJ in 2015 before returning to Canada after suffering from malnutrition.[5]

Bohman took part in the battle of Tel Abyad, Tel Tamir and Suluk in 2015.[2]

She returned to Syria in 2017, telling the BBC that her intention was to help fight for women's rights in the Middle East.[6]


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