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Johanna M. Jansen, Ph.D.
Other namesHanneke
Alma materRijksuniversiteit Groningen, Uppsala University

Johanna Maria "Hanneke" Jansen is a computational chemistry leader working at Novartis on multiple drug targets. She previously worked at Astra and at Chiron Corporation.[1]


Jansen received her doctoral degree from the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) in 1995, studying computational medicinal chemistry. Her dissertation topic[2] concerned 3D modeling of the melatonin receptor, including work on synthesizing and separating analytes[3][4] to probe its chemistry. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Uppsala University in 1997. Her work there related to modeling receptor interactions[5] of drug leads to judge their serotonergic or dopaminergic activities.


Much of Jansen's oeuvre uses in silico methods to study receptor biology, drug design, and drug-protein interactions. An early study (2000) while she was employed at Chiron looked at conformations of the anti-cancer treatment Taxol in nonpolar environments.[6]

In a 2012 commentary for Future Medicinal Chemistry, Jansen led a team of distinguished computational chemists in a call to action, namely that standardized data sets be used across the industry, and that sharing program code between groups at different companies and institutions should be mandated.[7]

A 2017 open-access study in PLoS One related some of Novartis' work - spearheaded by Jansen - to study the oncogenic protein RAS through inhibitors that targeted its inactive conformations.[8]

Volunteer service[edit]

Jansen has served the ACS division on Computers in Chemistry since at least 2007, holding multiple leadership positions.[9][10] Outside of pharmaceutical work, she is perhaps best known as a co-Founder and Steering Committee member for the Teach-Discover-Treat initiative,[11] which creates challenges for students and young professionals to design drugs against neglected diseases such as malaria or Trypanosoma using computational chemistry shared data sets and screens.



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