Hans-Georg von der Marwitz

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Hans-Georg von der Marwitz
Born (1893-08-07)7 August 1893
Ohlau, Silesia, German Empire (modern Oława, Poland)
Died 12 May 1925(1925-05-12) (aged 31)
Allegiance Germany
Service/branch Cavalry; infantry; aviation
Rank Oberleutnant
Unit KG 5, Schusta 10, Jasta 30
Awards Royal House Order of Hohenzollern, Iron Cross

Hans-Georg von der Marwitz (7 August 1893 – 12 May 1925) was a German World War I flying ace credited with 15 aerial victories.[1]

Early life and ground service[edit]

Hans-Georg von der Marwitz was born to nobility, his father being General of Cavalry Georg von der Marwitz, commander of Germany's Second Army. The younger Marwitz began is career as a cavalryman in Uhlan Regiment No. 16. By 1915, he was in the infantry, successively in Infanterie Regiment No. 13 and Infanterie Regiment No. 16.[2]

Aviation service[edit]

Marwitz transferred to aviation in March 1916 and became a pilot.[2] Marwitz scored his first victory while flying for Schusta 10, on 5 January 1917.[1] A year later, he trained as a fighter pilot; upon completion of training, on 18 April 1917, he was assigned to Royal Prussian Jagdstaffel 30 under the command of Hans Bethge. He scored his second time that year, when he used his Pfalz D.III fighter to burn an observation balloon on 13 May.[1][2]

Marwitz would not score again until 19 February 1918; he then tallied a victory or two per month for the remainder of the war.[1] Marwitz was the second ranking ace in his squadron, and tallied about a quarter of the unit's wins. He also commanded it for two months, from 17 April to 17 June 1918.[3] As Staffelfuhrer, he flew a Pfalz painted all burgundy except for a white rudder and a large orange diamond emblazoned on either side of its cockpit.[4] He was wounded on 17 June.[2] He would fly a Pfalz until July 1918, when Jasta 30 upgraded to Fokker D.VIIs.[2]


Marwitz survived the war, only to die in an airplane crash.[5]


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