Hans-Werner Wanzlick

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Hans-Werner Wanzlick
Wanzlick, Hans-Werner.tiff
Hans-Werner Wanzlick (1982)
Born October 5, 1917
Died November 1988 (1988-12) (aged 71)
Nationality German
Fields Organic chemistry, Carbene Chemistry
Institutions Berlin Institute of Technology
Alma mater Berlin Institute of Technology
Doctoral advisor Helmuth Scheibler
Known for Carbene Chemistry

Hans-Werner Wanzlick was a German chemist. A Professor of chemistry at the Berlin Technical University he is notable for work on persistent carbenes and for proposing the Wanzlick equilibrium between saturated imidazolin-2-ylidenes and their dimers [1][2] — which he called "das doppelte Lottchen", after a 1949 novel by Erich Kästner about a pair of mischievous twins.[3]


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