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Hans Fleischer Dons (13 June 1882 – 28 October 1940) was a Royal Norwegian Navy officer and the first Norwegian to fly in Norway.

Dons was born in Eiker, Norway and from 1909 he served as second in command on board Norway's first submarine Kobben (the Seal). On 1 June 1912 Dons performed the first flight in Norway, in an Etrich Taube monoplane named Start made in Germany by Edmund Rumpler. A few days later, 7 June, Dons flew from Borre over Horten, crossing the Oslo-fjord to Moss and Fredrikstad – covering a distance of 48 km in 35 minutes.

In 1935 Dons published his book: "Start". En norsk flyvehistorie fra 1912-13. ("Start". A Norwegian aviation history from 1912-13.)

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