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Hans Hermann Consul Weyer, Graf von Yorck is a German trader in nobility and academics titles, and a flamboyant member of the international jet set. He is a former window dresser who became an honorary consul of Bolivia in Luxembourg[1] and who became known in the 1960s for selling certificates of nobility, doctoral degrees from invented colleges and universities, and other decorations in Germany.[2][3] Described in 1982 by John Vinocur of The New York Times as "a Munich rogue who sold phony titles" to "used-car dealers hungry for respectability", Weyer is given credit for Hans Lichtenberg's adoption in the latter's biographical profile in the cast list of the 2005 German reality-television program "Die Burg (de)". Lichtenberg then married Zsa Zsa Gabor.[4][5] According to the newspaper Rhein-Zeitung, Weyer was adopted as an adult, in 1996, by a Countess of Yorck, a 78-year-old noblewoman, and now uses the name Consul Weyer Graf von Yorck.[6]


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